Kolchak " The Night Stalker" episode list

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Kolchak " The Night Stalker" episode list

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:49 pm

Kolchak only ran for 1 season , had 20 episodes and aired between September 13, 1974 – March 28, 1975. Here's all 20 precious  gems to view. Cool

Episode 1: The Ripper. Kolchak argues that a serial killer is actually Jack the Ripper

Episode 2: The Zombie. A grandmother seeks revenge for her grandson's death by turning him into a zombie to do her bidding.

Episode 3: The Vampire. A sequel to the first movie The Night Stalker. An overlooked victim of the Las Vegas vampire makes her way to Los Angeles and begins killing anew.

Episode 4: The Werewolf. Kolchak goes on a singles cruise, a werewolf goes on a killing spree.

Episode 5: FireFall. The ghost of an arsonist tries to take over a renowned conductor's body as his doppelganger.

Episode 6: The Devil's Platform. A politician on a meteoric rise murders his opposition through a pact with Satan which gives him the ability to turn into an invulnerable dog.

Episode 7: Bad Medicine. A Native American legend, a Diablero shaman spirit murders for jewels to pay back his debt and be released from his Earthly bonds.

Episode 8: The Spanish Moss Murders. A dreaming host conjures up the Creole legend of Père Malfait, a moss-monster willing to kill anyone who threatens its survival.

Episode 10: The Energy Eater. A hospital is built on reclaimed land inhabited by the Native American bear-spirit legend Matchemonedo which threatens to destroy anyone who inhabits it.

Episode 11: Horror In The Heights. A Hindu Rakshasa terrorizes a Jewish neighborhood.

Episode 12: Mr. R.I.N.G. An android's quest for survival murders anyone in its way.

Episode 13: Primal Scream. Defrosted ancient cell samples discovered in the Arctic grow into savage prehistoric primates and go on a rampage.

Episode 14: The Trevi Collection. A witch desires to control the world of high fashion.

Episode 15: Chopper. Bent on revenge, a headless motorcycle rider murders those who wronged him.

Episode 16: Demon In Lace. An evil succubus from ancient Mesopotamia murders young men to maintain her immortality.

Episode 17: Legacy of Terror. An Aztec cult seeks to resurrect the mummy of their god by murdering perfect people.

Episode 18: The Knightly Murders. To prevent the destruction of its home, the spirit of a Knight reanimates a suit of armor to kill those responsible.

Episode 19: The Youth Killer. Helen of Troy returns to drain the youth out of unsuspecting perfect victims, sacrifices for the goddess Hecate, in her quest for immortality. Guest Star: Cathy Lee Crosby

Episode 20: The Sentry. A lizardman creature kills subterranean workers who have stolen its eggs.

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