Red Dwarf collectables available to buy

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Red Dwarf collectables available to buy

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:25 am

Here's a small selection of Red Dwarf merchandise. Sadly unlike it's counterpart Doctor Who the BBC never awoke to releasing actual action figure sets from this cult series. I like others live in hope.

Single releases of the Starbug & Red Dwarf Corgi diecast sets & mounts.

Red Dwarf & Starbug Twinpack released in 2003 to coincide with the Red Dwarf movie that never was.

Lister, The Inquisitor and Kryten bobbleheads

Dwayne Dibbley Bobblehead

Mr Flibble hand puppet from the episode "Quarantine" (highly sought after and a fans favourite)

Corgi Red dwarf series 8 special edition DVD box set with Skutter model.

Red Dwarf series 5 special edition Corgi DVD box set with Starbug model.

The generic Red Dwarf " jupiter mining corporation"  coffee/tea mug.

The Red Dwarf  talking keyfob with 6 catchphrases (BBC).

The Red Dwarf Kryten 1:6 scale vinyl model/action figure.

A Red Dwarf Mining Shop Bottle stopper

Red Dwarf logo key chain


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