RIP Geoffrey Lewis 1935-2015

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RIP Geoffrey Lewis 1935-2015

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 10, 2015 1:51 am

Sadly on the 8th April 2015 American actor Geoffrey Lewis who starred in Stephen King's Sci-Fi computer AI horror Lawn Mower Man (1992) has died aged 79 yrs.

Geoffrey Lewis, father of nine children, one which included daughter and fellow actress/musician/singer Juliet Lewis ( films- National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (1989) & Dusk Till Dawn (1995) appeared in many a TV series which included Michael Landon's Highway to Heaven ect.. and a multitude of movies in his career from the classic Clint Eastwood movies High Plains Drifter, Any which Way but loose/Away which you can (1978/80), but for me he'll mostly be remembered for me in the brilliant Stephen King Vampire made for TV horror movie Salem's Lot (1979) in which he played character Mike Rayerson, grave digger and would-be bloodsucker.


Geoffrey Lewis as character "Orville" in the classic Any which way bit Loose (1978)


Images from made for TV serial Stephen King's vampire film Salem's Lot (1979). Top image is from restaurant scene in which Mike Rayerson appears, then crashes disorientated to a table whilst Ben Mears (David Soul) is in conversation with his drama teacher Jason Burke (Lew Ayres), after falling asleep on Harmony hill after the burial of missing  of two brothers, Danny Glick, and the second is of vampire Mike Rayerson, who confronts Jason Burke at his home after he offered to put him up for the night, he subsequently dies mysteriously in bed, appears to be drained of blood, then comes back from the dead in which Jason Burke has a heart attack before banishing him using a crucifix, then collapses.


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