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Blake 7 Cast & Crew

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Roj Blake:

Played by Welsh actor Gareth Thomas in S1-2 & 4 final ep. Blake is a long-term political dissident who uses the Liberator to wage war on the Federation. He is passionately opposed to the Federation's injustice and corruption, and prepared to accept loss of life in pursuit of its destruction. He thinks nothing of placing himself in danger to protect his crew or advance his cause. Although respected by many of his crew members, Avon accuses him of fanaticism and recklessness.

Sadly Gareth Thomas died of heart failure in Surrey, England on the 13th April 2016 aged 71yrs old.

Kerr Avon:

Played by English actor Paul Darrow S1-4). Avon is an electronics and computer expert who once attempted to steal 500 million credits from the Federation banking system. He distrusts emotion, and he attempts to pursue a code based on logic and reason. This frequently brings him into conflict with Blake. He becomes a reluctant rebel, agreeing to participate only on the basis that he will control Liberator once the Federation is destroyed. At times he appears motivated by financial gain and shows his readiness to put companions in danger in order to protect himself. He has an ambiguous and sometimes playful relationship with Servalan.

Trivia: Avon appears in 51 of the series' 52 episodes, being absent only in the first episode "The Way Back".

Vila Restal :

Played by English actor Michael Keating S1-4). Vila is a skilled thief, lock-picker and conjurer and is usually reluctant to risk his life. His behaviour is often cowardly, and although other crew members regard him as tiresome, he has a high IQ. He has weaknesses for alcohol and women, and increasingly comes close to breaking the fourth wall while apparently talking to himself on screen.

Trivia: Vila is the only character to appear in every episode of the series.

Jenna Stanis:

Played by English Actress Sally Knyvette S1-2. Jenna is a glamorous space smuggler and skilled pilot who becomes adept at piloting Liberator. She has a great deal of affection for Blake and is loyal to him once he gains her trust. In earlier episodes, Jenna stands her ground in her opinions showing no fear in challenging any male adversary.


Played by English actress Jan Chappell S1-3.  Cally is a guerrilla fighter from the planet Auron. She is a telepath, like all of her people, who can transmit thoughts silently to others. She later develops mind reading, telekinesis and precognition abilities, but is also uniquely vulnerable to telepathic control by alien forces.

Trivia: Cally develops as the moral conscience of the group, especially in later episodes in series 2 and throughout series 3.

Dana Mellanby:

Played by English actress Josette Simmons S1-3). The daughter of former dissident Hal Mellanby, Dayna is an expert in weapons technology. She is adept at designing mechanised weapons, but also appreciates the nobility of what she describes as more 'primitive' combat. Brave and loyal, but at times reckless and naive, she is often seen successfully challenging men who are supposedly accomplished fighters. Her vendetta against Servalan (who murdered her father Hal Mellanby) motivates her to support Avon in fighting the Federation.

Del Tarrant :

Played by English actor Stephen Pacey in S3-4). Tarrant is an expert pilot who trained with the Federation before turning to illegal activities. He is ruthless and charming, and often challenges Avon's leadership. He also takes advantage of Vila's cowardice, whom he bullies into carrying out his instructions.

Olag Gan:

Played by English actor David Jackson in S1-2). Olag Gan, having killed the Federation guard who murdered his girlfriend, has been implanted with an electronic "limiter" device which prevents him from ever killing again. However, he is courageous, strong and dedicated to Blake's cause.

Trivia: Actor David Jackson was in many a series in his career, from Cop series Z Cars, the Sweeney, The Avengers, Space 1999 through to the BBC Only Fools and Horses. He can also be seen in the classic Children's Foundation film Break Out (1984) as character The Bull. He also voice the Doctor Who Big Finnish Productions Audio's "The Sara Jane Adventures."  Sadly David died of a heart attack in 2005 aged 71 years.


Played by South African/British actress Glynis Barber in S4). Soolin is an expert gunslinger, distinctive for her apparent lack of fear or self-doubt, perhaps developed in response to the fact that her parents were murdered when she was a child. She joins the group after she is betrayed by Dorian, her partner. No one can match her speed when it comes to drawing a gun. Soolin's logical and cynical attitude proves an asset to her colleagues. On several occasions her quick thinking and poignant actions save the crew from perishing, overpowering the Cancer Assassin and surviving the Betafarl Conspiracy.

Orac :

Voiced by English actor Derek Far S1, and actor Peter Tudnam S2-4) Orac, is a portable super-computer capable of reading any other computer's data and built by an inventor called Ensor. It uses a component called a Tariel cell – a universal computer component – and can access information stored on any computer that uses one. It can also control other computers. Orac dislikes work that it considers unnecessary, enjoys gathering information and has delusions of grandeur.


Voiced by Peter Tudnam in S3-4). The main computer aboard Liberator, Zen controls the craft's secondary systems, including the battle and guidance computers. It is susceptible to interference from outside influences, such as Orac. It is considered a character in its own right. It is rendered non-functional after Liberator is damaged by fluid particles, and is destroyed with the ship.

Trivia: Actor Peter Tundam, voice of both super computers Orac & Zen plus Slave. He appeared in many a TV show from the BBC's Only Fools and Horses, One Foot in the Grave, Odin Line, Bergerac, in Roald Dahl's horror/suspense series Tales of the Unexpected and even voiced characters in Doctor Who stories such as: The Ark in Space, Mask of Mandragora and Time and the Rani. Sadly Peter died in 2007 aged 88 years.


Voiced by English actor Peter Tudnam in S4). Slave was built, programmed by Dorian and is the master computer of Dorian's ship, Scorpio. It has a cringing personality, frequently apologetic and obsequious, and addresses Avon as "master" and others as "sir" or "madam."


Played by English actress Jacqueline Pierce in S1-4). Servalan began her service career as a cadet, and rose to Supreme Commander of the Terran Federation. Her desire for power began at the age of eighteen when her lover abandoned her. Shortly before the Intergalactic War, Servalan conducts a military coup and installs herself as President. During her isolation on Terminal she is overthrown but adopts a pseudonym, Commissioner Sleer, under which she conducts a campaign of drug-induced pacification in order to regain territory for the Federation. Servalan is determined to pursue the crew of the Liberator and win control of the ship for herself.



Played by both English actors Stephen Greif S1 & Brian Croucher in S2). Travis is a dedicated and ruthless federation officer, with the rank of Space Commander. Travis's left eye and arm were destroyed by Blake, and replaced with an eye patch and a prosthetic arm fitted with a concealed weapon. Travis is known for treating his troops well and leading them from the front, but also for his ruthlessness and contempt for human life. After his trial and conviction for killing civilians, Travis becomes increasingly obsessed with killing Blake.

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