Blake 7 ships

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Blake 7 ships

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Liberator: The Liberator was an abandoned spacecraft found drifting near Cygnus Alpha. It was equipped with powerful weapons, force field protection,  controlled by an advanced AI computers with one calling itself Zen. Although it is not at the time clear whether this was the computer's official name, during the episode "Redemption" the System's controllers, (referred to as "Altas"), had boarded the ship and also referred to the computer as Zen.

Scorpio: Scorpio was owned by an alleged salvage operator named Dorian, who had a base on the planet Xenon. Dorian rescues the crew of the recently destroyed Liberator, who are stranded on the planet Terminal. The Liberator crew later kill Dorian in self-defence, occupy the Xenon base and use Scorpio for their own purposes.

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